Lace-in & Stain

This project was for a house that the client bought to remodel and flip. The client wanted to restore the hardwood flooring but it could not all be saved. Unfortunately I had to rip out all the hardwood floor that was considered the dining room area, as that could not be saved due to severe damage. The most challenging part of doing a lace-in is mapping out each individual board to be removed at the butt-end joints so that the new hardwood floor can slide right back into those same slots. As you look further into this project you can notice the color difference in the wood.—The reason is due to the age wood, where the wood came from various places in the US that all have red and white oak trees, each with their own unique variations. We can match the species of wood just not the age of it as you can see in the final picture, the difference is not noticeable after the floor has been sanded and finished.

Location: Inkster, MI

Services Performed:
– Tear Out Old Material, Install/Lace-in
– Sand, Stain & Finish
– Stain (stain color is spice brown)
– Finished with Glitsa 500 series oil polyurethane

Board Removal

The old, damaged boards are removed

New Board Lace-in

New boards are custom sized and laced into place

Stain and Seal

The entire floor is sanded, stained to match and sealed for pretection

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