Entryway Refinishing

This was a basic hardwood floor restoration project. as you can see the floor looks worn out completely. The living room and dining room are divided by the transition boards running across the room. The transition boards are an easy fix and good for the budget rather than doing a  tie in/lace-in to make a  continuous flow of the hardwood flooring.

Location: Farmington Hills, MI

Services Performed:
– Sand, Stain & Finish
– Stain (color is provincial)
– Sealed with Glitsa 500 series oil polyurethane

Before Sanding

Floor showing typical stains and discoloration

After Sanding

sanding strips away imperfections like stains and scratches out of the wood

After Stain

The color and grain of the wood reappears

After Sealant

Sealant further defines the wood’s character and protects it for years

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